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How to build a leadership powered legacy and life.
8 Week Intensive Self-Study Experience for Female Entrepreneurs + Leaders

Dear High Achieving Woman Entrepreneur,

I know you...

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business, and you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished. You are passionate about what you do, and you want to continue expanding as an entrepreneur, a leader and an empowered woman.

But you’re not sure if you can keep this pace up much longer...

Working long hours and wearing ALL the hats in your business is starting to wear you down. “Crazy busy” is your middle name.

The tools and sheer determination that have gotten you this far have helped you maintain your success – but the kind of growth and lifestyle you envision seems out of the question (without completely overextending yourself). 

You long for:

  • True financial freedom – earning a great income that’s NOT dependent on you working all the time
  • Fully and creatively expressing yourself through your business
  • The freedom to travel and spend more time with loved ones
  • Actualizing your full potential as a leader
  • More self-care and FUN in your day-to-day life
  • A community of like-minded women who support you to show up as the very best version of yourself
  • Making a bigger impact in the world


SOUND ABOUT RIGHT? Then I want to let you in on a secret…

Working Harder is NOT the Key to Your “Next Level” Success

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A big part of my mission is helping ambitious, success-driven women like you see that slowing down and letting go is what will take you to your next level.

You won’t lose your drive or ambition.
Your life and business won’t fall apart.

In fact, stepping into ease and saying “yes” to living more… to doing less better… and to leading from your genius is exactly what will launch you to your greatest success yet. I call this,

“becoming the CEO of your life and business.”

(Notice how I said life AND business? It’s all inter-connected.
You can’t have true success in one without the other.)

So how do you shift from solopreneur to CEO?

First let's talk about what this does and doesn't involve...

It does NOT mean:

  • Being the “chief everything officer” and doing it all alone
  • Working longer hours
  • Getting more certifications and training
  • Sacrificing sleep and self-care for your business
  • Quitting everything and starting over from scratch


It DOES involve:

  • Building your dream team and delegating more (this is a skill, not a talent! It can be learned…)
  • Working fewer hours in your zone of genius
  • Understanding and utilizing your unique blend of values, skills & gifts
  • Prioritizing sleep and self-care (without sacrificing productivity)
  • Using the momentum you’ve already created to make a quantum leap to even greater success


There are a lot of great coaches and programs out there, but most of them only add MORE to your plate. 

What you need is a way to get the perspective, clarity and SPACE to accelerate in your business and create a life you love. 



60 Days to SoulPowered

This 8-week intensive self-study program is the culmination of my decades of experience in leadership development, training and business operations.

It’s designed to help you go from overwhelmed, scattered and spinning your wheels to clear, confident & more successful than ever.




    The interactive audio trainings + PDFs are designed to walk you through the course information and exercises each week, and help you to take immediate action on what you’re learning.


    As you gain new insights and implement new strategies, some areas will emerge where you desire additional clarification or coaching. Our weekly group Q&A / Coaching calls will give you all the support you need – plus you’ll learn from hearing other participants’ questions and coaching.


    This is a space for you to connect with other participants, support one another, and share your wins and “aha” moments throughout the program. I will be available for questions and provide additional support in the group as well.

Plus, You’ll Receive the Following BONUS Gifts...


    I’ve hired literally hundreds of people in my career, and there are very specific “do’s” and “dont's” that can make or break your hiring success. For example, you’ll want to find, attract and retain people who are predisposed to sharing your core values – and let those who aren’t go elsewhere.

    I share more on this and many other tips, checklists and even “copy and paste” job descriptions in this comprehensive hiring guide.


    So often as women we sign up for for a new course, program or coach and we immediately start taking on more information, more tasks, more systems, more people and more implementation. This creates overwhelm and is a major reason most courses don’t get maximized or leveraged to their full potential.

    The SoulPowered Start Guide is designed to help you “clean house” so you can be available for the commitment you have made to elevating your game both personally and professionally. It will help you prepare to learn, implement and take inspired action both during and beyond this program.


    Becoming the high-performing leader in all areas of your business as you grow including how you present yourself to the media will be the key to you becoming an industry leader globally. We know without a doubt that as a global leader you are meant to make a massive contribution in this world and there has never been a more important moment than now!

I moved from burnout and frustration to clarity and energy by discovering what it meant to lead from my unique strengths.

I already knew intuitively that I could integrate work and life in a way that felt authentically “me” but working with Sarah empowered me with tools and strategies to make this integration a reality. I also learned that leadership is not always about having the answers, but asking the questions that lead to powerful conversations.”
— Jessie Culbert
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Every woman in the group is 100% committed to her own success, as well as empowering each other to create more expansive, enriching lives & businesses,

60 Days to SoulPowered

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MODULE 1: Your Genius, A Return to You

As you are learning to make the leap from solopreneur to empowered CEO it’s time you step unapologetically into your zone of genius. This is the answer for unparalleled heights of productivity and success, but most importantly for living a fulfilled life that you absolutely love. In this module, you will identify exactly what activities give you energy vs. drain your energy, and make a clear plan for beginning to delegate or outsource the rest.

MODULE 2: Define Your Purpose

People don’t just buy your product/service – they buy your WHY, your values and your story. In this module, you will get grounded in your personal and professional purpose, your core values and your mission statement. When you start with this foundation you will attract more customers, live a more empowered life, and inspire others to do the same.


MODULE 3: Say "Yes" to Living More

When your life works, your business works. Most leaders reach a level of success where a new level of exhaustion, overwhelm or overwork set in. Rather than striving for a perfect balance, it’s important to find your own integration of work, life and play that brings you fulfillment and ultimately defines your success. In this module, you will get clear about what you desire in ALL areas of your life, and create a plan to make that integration a reality.

MODULE 4: Create the Vision for Your Dream Life

Now that you have spent significant time declaring what you want, getting clear on your priorities and your values it’s time to start playing big, step up and see the future NOW. Before you can create a strategy you must be clear on your vision for your life and business. When you let go of “shoulds” and caring what others think, what do you truly desire? In this module, you will create a 10-year vision and the goals to support it.


MODULE 5: The Roadmap to Building Your Legacy

Your next 90 days are where you’ll get your traction, and start bringing your vision to life. This begins with a solid plan for doing less better. In this module, you’ll receive my strategic plan template for getting clear on everything from your timelines and meetings to your self-care and what you need to STOP doing in order to reach your goals. At the end of each quarter you will assess your results, course correct and create your next 90 days.

MODULE 6: Structure as the Path to Freedom

High achievers like you must create time for the tasks and activities that are most in alignment with your values, purpose, vision and goals. In this module, we’ll bust the myth that calendaring is restrictive to your freedom and creativity (the opposite is actually true!). Then we’ll explore 3 different strategies you can model after, depending on your business and the life you desire. You’ll quickly find that you have more time, health, fun, choice and income as a result.


MODULE 7: A Dream Team that Brings Your Vision to Life

Behind every successful woman is a dream team. While you may have started your entrepreneurial journey alone, hiring a team NOW (even if you’re budget-conscious!) will help you bring your vision to life faster and with more ease than you ever could on your own. In this module we’ll explore who should be on your business and personal dream teams, when to hire local vs. virtual, employees vs. contractors, where to find great people, how to retain them, and much more.

MODULE 8: The Mindset of an Extraordinary Leader

There is no single type of leader. Your unique style is what makes you powerful and effective. However, it is essential that you cultivate the mindset of an extraordinary leader if you want to launch into your next level of success in business. In this module, you’ll learn about leadership as a lifestyle – embracing leadership for yourself, for others and for the world. You’ll conclude this program with a commitment to live up to your full potential in business, leadership and life. The world is waiting. Are you ready?

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Every woman in the group is 100% committed to her own success, as well as empowering each other to create more expansive, enriching lives & businesses.

       60 Days to SoulPowered            

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When I left my thriving corporate career to become an entrepreneur, I had one very important advantage…

I had already learned to do business as a CEO.

In fact, I specialized in working with high-level entrepreneurs and executives, helping them to build effective teams, perform at high levels and re-envision their goals.

Where I struggled was in being the CEO of my life...

During my years of overworking and pushing my body to the limit, I suffered from health issues ranging from grand mal seizures to burnout. 

This – and the birth of my son – is what ultimately inspired me to make the leap to becoming a business owner. And from the get-go, I knew I wanted to do it differently.

I wanted a business that was in service to my LIFE – not the other way around.

And that’s exactly what I’ve created.

In fact, I’m writing this (love) letter to you from the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, where I’m spending 3 weeks with my husband and son – relaxing, reconnecting with myself, and working only when I WANT to.

I now lead a world-class team that supports my extremely successful global company developing women leaders making a difference – while giving back globally and giving me all the freedom I desire for my life and my family.

I want this kind of freedom, income & impact for you too. 

Are You Ready to Say “Yes” to Your Thriving Business & SoulPowered Life?

Here’s the thing: nobody builds an empire and a legacy on their own.

It’s so important to have a team, a community and mentors who empower and support you along the way.

I know you have a lot of options when it comes to coaches and programs, and I also know that your intuition will tell you if this is the right fit for you.

If you hear a whisper deep inside saying, “this is what you’ve been searching for” or if you feel that nervous/excited feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you something BIG is in the works, then I look forward to supporting you in the program!

This can be the day everything changes.

Get Started Now!


To your success,


Founder & CEO


P.S. This program is not about magic pills, blueprints, models, or what you “should” be doing. It’s about what is possible for you, your life, and your success (as YOU define it).  Instead, you will experience proven strategies and frameworks that will be customized to you.

The world needs what you have to offer. But the strategies that got you here won’t be the same strategies that take you forward. It’s time for a fresh approach that allows you to TRULY have it all. Click here to begin.

Through working with Sarah and SoulPowered I have learned how to build a purpose filled business that fuels my lifestyle. I now know where to focus my attention which allows me free time to play with my kids, cook a farm to table meal, practice yoga or get outside. I can have the job-love and raise my kids at the same time when I have a purpose!”
— Kelly Boudreaux,
This program helped me clarify my core values, identify and overcome self-sabotaging fears, and create a workable game plan that has allowed me to start working with my favorite clients and lead multiple workshops in just a few short weeks. I’m on fire!”
— Lisa Shields
I am more conscious of integrating my personal life and career, in order to be a whole person who is focused on making an impact in the world. Through tools and strategies and a game plan, I have a more balanced approach to my calendar and to do lists. This has opened up the opportunity for me to spend more time building relationships with my team and my community.
— Kerri Keaton
Working with Sarah helped me to minimize my concerns and doubts about starting my business and aided me in solidifying my ultimate mission. With her guidance, I was able to find clarity on how this business would ultimately serve the community I want to help.

I was able to identify how my strengths and gifts could help me run a successful business, as well as learning how to clarify roles and positions within the company. Sarah’s coaching allowed me to take the final step from concept into action.
— Shannon Brugh

Every woman in the group is 100% committed to her own success, as well as empowering each other to create more expansive, enriching lives & businesses.

60 Days to SoulPowered

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you are a high-achieving woman in business and you are ready to grow your income (while creating more ease), step into a bigger role as a leader, and make a positive impact on the world, then this program is right for you.


What if I’m not an entrepreneur?

While this program was designed with business owners in mind, the curriculum was largely developed out of my experience working with both corporate executives and high-level entrepreneurs. As such, I am confident that any woman in business will receive enormous value from going through this 8-week program. If you are curious, then I highly recommend you to apply, and we can discuss any questions you have during your application call.


How much time will I need to set aside for this course each week?

I recommend setting aside around 2-4 hours per week to work on your course materials. How long you spend on this really depends on your desires and commitment level. My goal is to ensure that everything you learn can be immediately actioned, so that it is a seamless integration (rather than a massive learning curve).


When does it start?

60 Days to SoulPowered is an 8-week program that has ongoing rolling enrollment. You can enroll when you are ready and join our group of powerful women entrepreneurs.  Each week on you’ll receive access to a new Module (training audio + PDF), and the recorded  Q&A  Coaching Calls as well.  You will also get access to our private 60 days to SoulPowered Facebook community where you can ask questions and have an entire community of high-level women to support you!


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No. This program is by application or self-study only, and I want every participant to be ALL IN. This means only saying “yes” if you are committed to participating 100% and getting the results you came for. If you do this and play full out, I am confident you won’t recognize your life and business in just 8 weeks.


Will you CONTINUE TO lead this program?

I do plan to offer this program for now as it's one of our signature group programs, as all program offerings evolve if you know this is for you jump in now as we are always growing.  If you are curious about joining us, then I highly recommend you apply now or email us your questions at